It’s not that complicated

It’s not that complicated

After a lengthy trial separation, my novel Blues and I have decided to make another go of it. It has taken a few “It’s not you; it’s me” conversations after my dalliances with other projects, but we have ascertained that we had the makings of a good thing. We have something to work on – something worth saving.

It was just that our timing was lousy. Life (and a devastating death) intervened.

There will need to be a few changes on both sides – we are both a lot older and (hopefully) wiser than when we embarked on this relationship. But we are setting back off with a fresh sense of focus, commitment and discovery.

I will try not to embarrass you with public displays of affection (or dirty laundry when we hit any rough patches) but hear this: my book and I are an item again ♥desk mess oct 2014

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