Publication day approaches

Publication day approaches

I’m pleased to announce that my book ‘Piece by Piece – Remembering Georgina: A Mother’s Memoir’ will be published by Slipway Press on 14th December 2015. It will be available on Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon and in other stores (More details to follow)

This is the culmination of a lot of writing and self-searching since I lost my beautiful 15 year old daughter Georgina to cancer, two years ago. Although I have also been busy with other projects, this is a work that has almost demanded to be written.

Georgina was a talented singer-songwriter and she told her Dad that she wanted me to continue with my writing, even when she knew that her illness was terminal. I hope that this memoir is a testament to Georgina’s bravery and to the love which has surrounded us since she became ill. At the same time, I have been honest about the effects of this horrible disease and the catastrophic effects that it has on lives. But I hope that ‘Piece by Piece’ will  show that the human spirit is strong and that it will help other bereaved parents to believe that – contrary to what they may feel – it is possible to face and survive the unthinkable.

‘Piece by Piece’ will be launched at the Frigate public house, Marske-by-the-Sea, at 7pm on Monday 14th December 2015. I will be talking about the book, taking questions, and then signing copies.

As publication day approaches, I am slightly apprehensive about ‘going public’ with my innermost thoughts, but most of all I am excited that this compelling project is coming to fruition. Deep breaths…Layout 1



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