Warm and fuzzy

Warm and fuzzy

I have unexpectedly acquired a free evening (having been ‘blown out’ by my very own sister – sniff, sniffle) I am resisting the temptation to watch Series 4 of ‘Mad Men’ or to empty the dishwasher whilst my husband and his mate are at the pub because we all know that telly and housework are the enemies of writerly folk. Plus, I am feeling all reflective (like a philosopher – not a high-viz jacket).

I haven’t been having much time for real, deep thinking or for carefree, non-project-related scribbling recently, what with trying to get ‘Piece by Piece’ to as many readers as possible, and setting up a writers’ group and writing a new novel (and watching Series 1, 2 and 3 of ‘Mad Men’ and filling the dishwasher): I heartily miss the daydreaming and the doodling.

Of necessity, recently I have been all go-getting and goal-setting, rather than letting my mind wander and wonder. I have needed focus to launch and promote ‘Piece by Piece’. I’m not complaining, because I’m still happy that it was published, but sometimes I also need to let things go a little blurry around the edges and enjoy  the shapes and shadows which emerge on the margins, when I’m not watching properly.

This evening,  I am going to snuggle down under a blanket and ponder. I’ll  let the random thoughts and impressions and the almost-dreams come. I might try to capture them, or I might just let them go.

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